cellist Paul Wiancko on one Ptolem track

Acclaimed L.A. cellist Paul Wiancko on one Ptolem track

We feel very fortunate to have award-winning cellist Paul Wiancko play on one of our new tracks, “Searching for a reborn sun”. Paul recorded his part in L.A., at the The Aquarium studio. He added his deep cello to make of this electro-percussive track a dramatic trip somewhere between Moroder, Beethoven and the world of J.G. Ballard. Thanks, Paul!

As a classical cellist, Paul has accompanied Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell and Pinchas Zukerman, among many others. He alsolent his cellistry to indie rock and ambient projects, created his own “Hip-Hop Cello Concerto”, and recorded for films and commercials - impressive! so, yes, if you feel respect for this guy,  you really are on the right track. Check out his website at www.paulwiancko.com/

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